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Who we are - 

A premium technology company

Our Mission:

To become a leading and most reliable IT, Applications, and Cloud Security company with a focus on Managed Security Services with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Vision:

To be the most valued technology Managed Security Provider in IT Agility solutions by 2026.

All About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Cubix CloudTech specialises in IT, our expertise includes various fields: WAF, AWAF, DDOS and DNS security. Additionally, Cubix focuses on providing Managed Security Services in Application Security and Cloud Security and has clientele in the USA, EU, India, and APAC.

We specialise in Managed Services and Managed Security Services, and we already serve many customers across the globe.

Our Offerings

Cubix CloudTech helps derive strategic value from network infrastructure.

The team possesses expertise in:


  • Network Based Anomaly detection, QOS and QOE DPI solutions

  • Application Delivery Controllers, Application Security solutions.

  • Local and global Network Traffic Management.

  • Network Visibility, Security and control solutions

  • Next Generation firewall solutions.

  • DDOS prevention and DNS Security solutions.

  • Smart Video Conferencing solutions

  • Cloud Migration

  • IOT solutions

Cubix CloudTech is a leading organisation in the USA having a customer base in the USA, India, and also a few APAC and EU countries. We provide compelling and complementing offerings with direct partnerships with the “Global Best of Breed” IT infrastructure solution companies across the globe.

Telecommunication & Service Providers

Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance (BFSI)

IT/IT Enables Services

& Enterprises


& Defence

Education & Research Institutes

Industries Served

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